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See Saturday and Sunday for some more lunch suggestions. But the café in Grainger Hall, opposite Vilas Hall on Park Street, also has sandwiches and salads. Or if you head to Library Mall (effectively State Street just west of Lake Street), everything from Peruvian to Chinese, Ethiopian to New Orleans cuisine awaits you in the food carts.

For dinner, you might check out a place on State (Buraka at 543 State has very good East African food; Husnus at 547 State and its next-door neighbor have good Middle Eastern; Chautara at 334 State has tasty Tibetan), or grab something nearer Jonathan’s house, where the reception will be held (Pizza Brutta at 1805 Monroe has great pizza if Spartan atmosphere; Pasqual’s at 1851 Monroe will show you why nobody raves about Madison’s Southwestern food, but it’s passable; and Brasserie V at 1923 Monroe is a Belgian place with great beer and food, though few seats and a proclivity for lines unless you get there early).

If you’re near downtown, near Capitol Square, Graze at 1 S. Pinckney is a fancy gastro pub; The Old Fashioned can have a long queue but offers hearty Wisconsin food and beer at 23 N. Pinckney; and The Great Dane at 123 East Doty has burgers, beer, sandwiches, and such. For slightly fancier options, there’s Restaurant Muramoto at 225 King; Nostrano at 111 S. Hamilton; 43 North at 108 King; Harvest at 21 N. Pinckney; or if you really wanna splash out for the city’s best-rated and most highly-priced restaurant, go to L’Etoile at 1 S. Pinckney.


Saturday and Sunday

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, we will have orange juice, coffee, and cookies in the conference room. For those desiring a fuller breakfast, we would recommend The Sun Room Café at 638 State Street, though in the same block you’ll find an Einstein’s Bagels, a Starbucks, and several other options.

For lunch on Saturday, Ian’s Pizza, Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry, and The Nitty Gritty in the block south of University Avenue on Frances Street all provide decent food (the latter two are primarily burger places). You’ll also find several places in the block east of Lake Street on State Street(including the above-mentioned Sun Room and a Chipotle), and there’s a Subway west of Lake on State (under the church).

Dinner on Saturday evening will be at Brocach Irish Pub on 7 W. Main Street (Capitol Square) at 7 pm. Please bring cash for payment at table.